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Security Department Introduction

The Security Department of Huaihua University is a functional department in charge of security work. The Department adheres to the principle of "People-oriented, serving teachers and students, strengthening management and improving efficiency", takes "Maintaining campus stability and building a safe campus" as the goal, and its work responsibility is to carry out safety management, safety education and safety services for all teachers and students. Department is mainly responsible for the daily management of public security, traffic, fire control, campus order, collective household registration, information research, safety publicity and education, building and maintaining the safety technology prevention system, performing the functions of guidance, inspection, coordination and service for the security work of school units, implementing the laws and regulations on security work, improving the school safety management system, assisting and cooperating with the government relevant departments to carry out works.

Mainly responsibilities of the Department:

I. Establish and improve the various systems of campus safety order management and the department's work system in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and rules, and combine with the actual situation of the school, organize publicity and education on national security, social stability, public security and law. Increase teachers and students' concept of the rule of law and awareness of various types of safety precautions, improve the safety precautions of teachers and students. Participate in major school security work decisions, participate in the formulation of campus security work plans and campus security management development plans, and effectively maintain the security order of the campus.

II. Carry out in-depth investigation, discover and grasp all kinds of information related to the school's political and social stability in time. eliminate unstable factors, handle all kinds of unrests and emergencies in a timely manner, be ready in campus stable dynamic information work and anti-cult work, strictly prevent and crack down on all illegal activities of cult organizations such as "Falun Gong" in the campus. Strictly prevent "Three evils" from infiltrating and damaging the school, promptly stopping behaviors that endanger national security, and effectively maintaining campus political stability.

III. Organize and implement campus security management such as school gate guards, campus patrols, and security hazard investigation and rectification. Construction and improvement of campus technical prevention facilities. Mediation and handling of internal public security disputes and general public security cases inside the school. Assist national security or public security organs in investigating criminal cases and other major cases. Continuously improve the working system of the campus 110 alarm center. Provide alarm services for teachers and students to deal with various emergency situations. Assist the public security organs to improve the surrounding environment of the school. Effectively maintain the security order on campus.

IV. Implement the fire safety responsibility system at all levels of the school. Organize and implement daily work such as fire safety inspection, rectification of fire hazards, maintenance and repair of fire-fighting facilities on campus. Carry out the routine work of fire training and fire drill for teachers and students. Assist the public security fire department to deal with the fire accidents on campus, and effectively maintain the fire safety on campus.

V. Improve the campus traffic safety management system, implement campus road traffic safety management measures, strengthen vehicle management and transportation facilities, and effectively maintain campus traffic order.

VI. Responsible for the management of the collective account of teachers and students in the school and various services, responsible for the school population management and the review of the application procedures for going abroad (border) by teachers and students, and effectively safeguard the legal rights of teachers and students.

VII. Be ready for the security and protection of large-scale activities, and earnestly complete the school-related tasks assigned by national security and public security organs.

VIII. Complete other tasks assigned by the school's party committee and administration.

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